Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Jerkatorium wins again for "Fashion". New song "Leave My Brother Alone" at

Jerkatorium won the most recent Song Fight with our song "Fashion".  It was a very last-minute composition, and it was a lot of fun.  Doing a song that uptempo was so much fun that I'm going to be reluctant to make anything that isn't 190 bpm or faster from now on.

We also submitted to the "Leave My Brother Alone" fight, and entries for that are posted at  Chumpy had the inspiration for this entry; he wrote nearly all of the words and music.  I did most of the music for the bridge, which Chumpy then improved with an additional vocal melody.  The song is nonfiction and biographical in nature, about a band named 'Dogbreath' that was only active around 1978-1979.

In an effort to continue including images in this blog (which I think is a good policy), I found this old photo of Jerkatorium from the 90s.

I can't even fit that costume over my ankle anymore, much less dance around in it.  I don't know what became of Chumpy's street organ.  Good times [sigh].

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