Saturday, March 19, 2016

Jerkatorium wins the "Adele in the Car" Song Fight, new "Whiskey Drinker" song posted at

Jerkatorium won the "Adele in the Car" Song Fight by a pretty comfortable margin.  I can't help but agree that we were the best song out of the relatively small number of submissions for this fight (only 7 entries; usually there are a dozen or more).

Our newest Song Fight entry "Whiskey Drinker" is currently posted at, you can hear it there (and vote, if you like the song).

If things go as planned,we will have another two songs out in a week or so: one for the next Song Fight (title "Incandescent") and another for a Song Fight coverfight that I will describe later.  I will keep you posted.

Sorry about the lack of art and photos, I promise something visual to accompany the next post.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Jerkatorium's "Adele in the Car" posted at

Jerkatorium's entry for the "Adele in the Car" Song Fight is posted at  You can listen to it and/or download it at  If you enjoy the song please vote for it.

Only seven bands submitted songs for the "Adele in the Car" Song Fight, which is fewer than usual.  Apparently it was a tough title for some to get their heads around.  It was pretty obvious for the Jerks though; Chumpy records some of his vocal takes in his car, so keeping that in mind made writing the song a lot easier.

Jerkatorium tied for third place (out of 16 entries) in the recent "Seems Like A Little Too Much" fight, which sounds about right.  I like the song a lot, but it's not our very best work - maybe top ten but certainly not top three.

We are currently working on two new songs:  one for the upcoming "Whiskey Drinker" Song Fight, and one for the Original Flava Cover Fight.  For Original Flava, we were assigned a different Song Fighter and we have to cover one song from their list of Song Fight entries.  I will put updates and links in this blog when those songs are posted.  One interesting thing about the Original Flava fight is that there is another band out there working on a cover version of one of our songs, and I'm very eager to hear a different take on our music.