Friday, March 31, 2017

Jerkatorium Wins AGAIN for the "Old Friends" Song Fight

Jerkatorium featuring Micah Sommersmith won the "Old Friends" Song Fight by a wide margin.  As I'd mentioned in the previous post, Micah did a ton of work to make the song as good as it is.  Extra kudos to Chumpy too for his contributions to the lyrics, for delivering a great vocal performance, and for his mixing mastery.  You can hear the song at this link:

Early on we'd gotten a lot of good reviews for the song, and the host of the YouTube SongFight Listening Party had obviously enjoyed it (use the link below the image to go directly to his reaction):

Anyway that's four wins in a row (or two wins in a row, if you're counting it as Jerkatorium featuring Micah Sommersmith instead of Jerkatorium).  We'll have another song posted soon for our ThemeFight entry, I'll post a link as soon as that is up.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Jerkatorium Wins The "Ace In The Hole" Song Fight, New "Old Friends" Collab Posted At

Jerkatorium won the "Ace In The Hole" Song Fight by a pretty good margin.  That's three wins in a row for us.

The song evolved a lot over the course of its composition; we had a sketchy original idea that neither of us was really excited about, until Chumpy and I started going back and forth, trading off huge revisions of the content and style until it all came together.  Anyway I hope you liked it, and if you haven't heard it yet you can catch it at:

We also have an entry posted in the current "Old Friends" Song Fight, and for the next week and a half or so you can hear it (and vote for it if you like it) at  This time around we did another collaboration with Micah Sommersmith, the Song Fighter and accordion virtuoso that we worked with on the "Baked Out Of My Gourd" Song Fight almost a year ago.  This time we went for a friendship/rivalry theme modeled on those Bing Crosby/Bob Hope road movie songs, where they are ostensibly singing about their admiration for each other, but end up insulting each other throughout the bulk of the song.

We submitted the song under the name Jerkatorium featuring Micah Sommersmith in the interest of consistency (since that was the name we had for our other collaboration), but I should stress that Micah did so much work on the song that he should get equal billing, or maybe even top billing.  It was a true collaboration, with everyone contributing, and Micah did so much work on the song that it seems inaccurate and unfair to present it as if he were a guest musician.  We were considering reversing the order (Micah Sommersmith featuring Jerkatorium), or maybe coming up with a new band name for the collaboration (Micahtorium?), but Micah preferred Jerkatorium featuring Micah Sommersmith so we kept that.  Anyway I hope you like it:

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Jerkatorium Wins The "Dominatrix" Song Fight, & New Song "Ace In The Hole" Posted @

Jerkatorium won the "Dominatrix" Song Fight.  Only five bands submitted songs to that fight, and we won by a good margin.

We also have a song in the current "Ace In The Hole" Song Fight, and you can hear the song (and vote for it, if you like it) at:

Only five bands submitted songs to this fight too.  This is not incredibly unusual - there have been a few Song Fights with over 50 submissions, and there have been several fights with as few as 3 entries, and at least one fight with only 2 bands submitting.  I'm hoping this recent slump is very temporary.  I would rather compete against more bands, even though it would decrease our chances of winning.

We are also participating in a new Themesong Fight, where we write a theme song for a random Song Fighter.  We were assigned The John Benjamin Band, which is great because I have been a huge fan of his work for the past 15 years or so.  The artist assigned to compose a theme song for Jerkatorium is Johnny Cashpoint, an extremely prolific musician who covered our "Watching The Riot" for the 2016 Original Flava Cover Fight.  The theme songs aren't due until April 1, and they probably won't be posted until mid-April at the earliest, but I will put an announcement in this blog as soon as the songs are available.