Monday, April 11, 2016

Jerkatorium's "Praying Mantis" posted at

Jerkatorium's entry for the "Praying Mantis" Song Fight is posted at, check it out there (and vote if you like it).

The title for the next fight is "Baked Out Of My Gourd" and we are currently working with two other Song Fighters to collaborate on a song.  Stay tuned to the website for that entry, I suspect that those songs might be posted on April 20th for some reason or another...

Monday, April 4, 2016

Jerkatorium at the Original Flava Cover Fight

I'd mentioned in earlier posts how we were covering someone else's song in a 'secret Santa'-type thing, and those songs were finally posted.  You can hear our cover of Heuristics Inc's "Control Yourself" at:

Except for the lyrics, our cover of the song does not resemble the original Heuristics Inc version (at mostly because the melody of the original tends towards the monotone (as does much of Heuristics Inc's back catalog).  We put a very Jerkatoriummy spin on our cover version, and I think it turned out better than we'd expected.

Jerkatorium did not submit an entry for the "Incandescent" Song Fight after all, but sister group Margret Benson & the Cheese Trio did submit an entry.  You can hear their song (and vote for it, if you like it) at

Jerkatorium is on schedule to submit an entry for the "Praying Mantis" fight.  With any luck the Praying Mantis fight entries will be posted at this weekend - I will put another notice in this blog when the songs are posted.

I promised more visuals for this blog, so...

The image above is a cover art entry that was automatically generated by the "SongFight Coverbot" created by our own breadbox.  Like I'd mentioned in an earlier post, I don't know enough about computer programming to adequately bore you with the details, but the Coverbot automatically generates Song Fight cover art submissions to the site's exact specifications as soon as a new Song Fight title is announced.  Lately it has been doing an amazing job, and the image above is just one of many excellent examples.