Saturday, January 12, 2019

Way Overdue Update: More New Jerkatorium and Matchy Matchy Songs

Lots has happened since the last blog update, with one new Jerkatorium song, three new songs by our alter-ego band Matchy Matchy, and fifteen (yes, fifteen) new podcast recordings.  In addition to that, there are also some podcast theme revisions and remixes, and a podcast-related Jerkatorium collaboration with Micah Sommersmith.

Jerkatorium returned as judges to the SpinTunes 15 contest this year, which naturally prohibited us from competing again... but just like when we judged SpinTunes 14, we did submit non-competing songs (dubbed "shadow" entries) again under the name Matchy Matchy.

The first assigned challenge was to write a song from the viewpoint of an alien visiting earth.  We submitted "Everything Everything Everything":

The Round 2 challenge was to write a song that expresses sincere gratitude.  As an extra requirement, the song had to include vocal harmonies.  We submitted the song "Thanks", which was heavy on the harmonies and light on the sincerity:

The Round 3 challenge was to do a "pastiche" song; a song in the style of a different band.  We decided to ape A Flock of Seagulls with our song "Eagles":

The Round 4 challenge was to write a cumulative song a la "12 Days of Christmas" or "There's A Hole In The Bottom Of The Sea".  Forces beyond our control conspired to prevent us from completing a shadow entry for Round 4, but Micah Sommersmith (winner of SpinTunes 14, judge for SpinTunes 15, and occasional Jerkatorium collaborator) accepted our offer of help in generating some backing music for a song he'd composed to supplement his Round 4 reviews - and the format of his song is also a cumulative song.  It's entitled "Third Cat Wrote A Very Good Song":

I'm also going to highly recommend the shadow entries Micah did for SpinTunes 15, available here: .  And while I'm at it, I'll highly recommend all of the rest of his songs, available here: .  He's an amazing talent and a great guy.

After our SpinTunes 14 podcasts last year we decided to start doing Song Fight review podcasts, and then for Jerkatorium's SpinTunes 15 judging duties we returned to recording podcasts for our SpinTunes reviews too.  All of those podcasts can be found at  The podcasts are free to stream or download, but as I'd explained in a previous post:  The podcasts are very specifically geared towards SpinTunes and Song Fight, and they would probably not interest anyone who wasn’t already following those competitions.  We try to add humorous bits and clips to the podcasts as time permits, but even those bits are mostly inside jokes.  We've re-recorded versions of the podcast theme song to fit SongFight and SpinTunes as applicable, and lately we've been doing different podcast theme remixes for each of the more recent episodes.  Micah Sommersmith composed an original alternate podcast theme for the "ST15R1: Strange New World" podcast, and that version also reappears in the "ST15R4: It Grows On You" podcast.  We occasionally have guest reviewers (Micah Sommersmith, Brian Raiter, Andy Hamlin, and hopefully others soon).  Regardless - the podcasts won't have much to interest anyone who is not following Song Fight or SpinTunes

Jerkatorium took a pretty big step away from our usual approach to music in our submission for the October 2018 "Blue Woman Yes" Song Fight, going for a more hard rock sound.  You can hear that here:

The Song Fight Fightmaster picked happy triangle's cover art submission for that "Blue Woman Yes" Song Fight, and that was a great choice; it's an excellent illustration by a wonderful artist, and it includes calligraphy from Brian Raiter: