Saturday, June 11, 2016

Jerkatorium's "Change Is Coming" Song Fight entry posted at

Chumpy and I skipped the last three Song Fights, but now Jerkatorium's entry for the "Change is Coming" Song Fight has been posted at the Song Fight website (  It's a less-frivolous-than-usual effort from us, with excellent lyrics by Breadbox.  It is also our first intercontinental effort: Chumpy composed the tune and recorded the lead vocals in Europe while Breadbox wrote lyrics in the Pacific Northwest and I recorded the backing music in southern California.

Lately I've been thinking about how I've been using this blog almost exclusively as an 'announcement' blog lately instead of a 'commentary' blog, when it was originally an outlet for my thoughts on making music.  I'm planning on doing more entries (when time permits) about various aspects of songwriting in order to make this blog more bloggy.

I still don't want to bore everyone with a bunch of all-text posts though, so here's a pic of an Ampeg speaker cab that I saw in a Jeff Rosenstock video:

Okay yeah so that's still text, but at least it's somewhat more colorful.