Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New Jerkatorium Song Posted For "Dominatrix" Song Fight

Jerkatorium has a new song posted in the current Song Fight.  The title for this week was "Dominatrix".  You can hear it, and vote for it if you like it, at the following link:

Chumpy's idea was to do a take on the Gor novels (  The novels are notoriously sexist, pornographic 'sword-and-planet' space operas that by all accounts celebrate violence towards women and the sexual humiliation of women.  Chumpy flipped the script to make the male narrator the slave in this song.  Pairing that approach with his catchy, ear-wormy melody resulted in a piece that I'm really happy with.

My cover art was used for this Fight, though I feel like I should explain it and perhaps apologize in advance for any perceived sexism or disrespect.  The Song Fight text block is the main logo for Song Fight:

In addition to that, Song Fight uses a sloppy, hand-drawn pic to accompany the text logo:

So my cover art was a take on that logo, and not some random S&M fantasy of mine (not one that I'm admitting to anyway):

And one last quick item:  I made a 'fan video' for a song called "Motor Scooter" by the Surrealists (a band from Olympia, Washington).  It's a mostly-unknown song that I've been listening to and enjoying for the past 25 years.  The video was put together using public domain footage I found on  Come to think of it, working on another Jerkatorium music video might have been a better use of my time, but this one was fun anyway, and it gave me more experience and practice doing some basic video editing: