Sunday, July 30, 2017

New Jerkatorium Song "Steady On" for SpinTunes

Jerkatorium has made it through the first two rounds of SpinTunes 13, getting 2nd place (out of 28 competitors) for our song "Center Square" for Round 1.  

The Round 2 assignment was:  "Write a song of advice, sung by your present self to your 15-year-old self, in the form of a letter."  We recorded and submitted "Steady On", and got 4th place out of 19 competitors.  You can hear the song at Bandcamp:

You can download the song for free at that link too (just choose "Buy Now name your price" and set the price as $0 and then click through to download).  I did not make a music video for Steady On.  Not yet, anyway.

No pic or video for this post, but if it's any consolation I can promise more new songs are just around the corner.  We are compelled to have a new song before the first of each month so our next new song is just a couple of days away, and then the SpinTunes Round 3 song will be due in a week.

Monday, July 10, 2017

New Jerkatorium Song and Video: "Center Square" - for SpinTunes

There weren't any Jerkatorium updates for a month, but now you can expect some new releases in the coming weeks, followed by a minimum of one song per month into the foreseeable future.

Jerkatorium has entered a competition called "SpinTunes", which involves writing a song every other week:  nine days to write and record a song, followed by five days of rest while the judges rate the songs, followed by a new song assignment with another nine-day deadline, and repeating like that for a total of five rounds (or until we are eliminated).  Unlike Song Fight and Nur Ein, the SpinTunes song challenges are usually topics instead of titles.  The first topic was "Death Star": write a tribute to your favorite deceased celebrity, but without using the celebrity's name in the song.

Naturally our first choice was Moms Mabley, but then we got insider information that literally all of the 27 other contestants were working on Moms Mabley songs so we decided to choose something else.  I wrote most of a song about Hedy Lamarr, but then Chumpy got some great ideas about Paul Lynde so we went for that.  After submitting the song to SpinTunes, I made a video for it using public domain footage from

If the YouTube insert above doesn't work, you can find it at the following link:

You can hear and download the song for free at:

If you're not already hip to, you just click where it says "Buy Now name your price" and set the price at $0.  Then, when it tries to guilt you into giving us money again, ignore that and click where it says "Alternatively, continue with zero and download to your computer," and then another download button or two.  Seriously, no need to pay anything for any Jerkatorium music.

Chumpy also annotated the lyrics to clear up any potential confusion about the content:

We have also launched what we hope will be a regular monthly collaboration with our semi-irregular collaborator/wordsmith Breadbox.  This should result in a series of new, original songs about subjects near and dear to our hearts.  Mostly nerd stuff, probably.