Friday, November 10, 2017

New Song "Flamethrower" by Jerkatorium Featuring Micah Sommersmith at Also Lots More.

An inexcusably late update:

Jerkatorium teamed up with Micah Sommersmith again to write a song for the "Flamethrower" Song Fight, and the song was posted for listens/votes at over a week ago.  That means if you want to vote for it, you probably have a day or less to do so at this link: 

Whether you get a chance to vote or not, you'll still be able to listen and/or download the song later at the fight page (probably, or by accessing it through the "Jerkatorium feat. Micah Sommersmith" Song Fight archive at .  "Flamethrower" is a bit of a different approach for us, and it makes great use of Micah's considerable accordion and rapping talents.  Come to think of it, I believe this is the first Jerkatorium song to have a rap section in it.  I like the song a lot and I hope you do too.

We have also continued to generate music through our collaboration with Brian Raiter.  We made two songs related to SeaGL presentations (and/or presentation proposals, as it turned out).  They are called "Talk To Me" and "Block Trace" and you can hear them here:

No, I have no idea what either of those songs are about.

The most recent product of our collaboration with Brian is a song and video for our *very* loose interpretation of the lyrics Brian supplied for a ditty about golf:

(If the YouTube thing above doesn't work you can access it through this link: )