Monday, June 8, 2015

Jerkatorium Wins? What? How Did That Happen?

Somehow Jerkatorium won the "Hope You're Having A Nice Time In Jamaica" Song Fight.  Apparently we're doing something right.  Maybe.

Jerkatorium also submitted a song for the current Song Fight title "It's Not Over" and the songs have been posted, give it a listen at if you are so inclined.  Our "It's Not Over" entry is more laid back then your typical Jerkatorium song.  We hadn't intended to submit for the Fight, but Chumpy had a great idea and pulled the song together while I was doing work travel.  I slapped some last-minute backing vocals, electric piano, and bass onto the track (plus that beautiful guitar solo, so beautiful) and we sent it in.

I know the blog has been text-heavy lately.  I promise that some sort of picture will accompany the next post.