Saturday, January 28, 2017

Jerkatorium's cover of Sweet's "Fox On The Run"

This winter Jerkatorium participated the Gift Of Music Sidefight again.  Much as I'd described it last year:

The Gift of Music project is an annual Song Fight "Sidefight" or "Coverfight".  Each participating band picks four songs that they would like to hear cover versions of, and those songs were posted on the Song Fight bulletin board.  The songs could be anything except other Songfighter songs (there are other Sidefight/Coverfight opportunities to cover Song Fighter songs).  Then the Fightmaster randomly assigns those sets of four songs to other bands, and each band picks one song to cover.  So it's sort of like a secret Santa combined with a gift registry; you know that one of your four picks will get covered, but you don't know which of the four songs will be chosen and you don't know which band is covering it.

We were assigned to cover one of Paco Del Stinko's 
song picks.  He gave us a choice between four different songs from four different decades, and out of those four we chose "Fox On The Run" by Sweet.  Here is the link Paco gave for the original:

The Jerkatorium cover version can be heard at the link below:

The cover song that we were gifted was "Quality of Armor", a Guided By Voices song that was covered for us (extremely well, IMHO) by the very talented Potato Dentata, and that can be heard at

There is some other really good stuff covered by and for our fellow SongFighters at