Monday, August 31, 2015

Song Fight Live pics and "Don't Come Here To Live"

Just wanted to leave a quick update - here are those pics of Jerkatorium live in concert that you've all been clamoring for:

That last photo is a pic of us performing the Song Fight Live Fight song "Don't Come Here To Live". We did not win the Song Fight Live Fight (that win went to anti-m, who absolutely deserved to win it with her excellent performance of her beautiful song), but our entry is still up for votes at, you can listen to it there.  Please note that there is a Parental Advisory for explicit lyrics on that song - it contains some gratuitous profanity.

We are still working on a submission for the next Song Fight title "Deteriorate", and it's coming along very well.  I will enter another update here when those songs are posted on the Song Fight website.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Jerkatorium wins again & Song Fight Live this Saturday

I don't see any reason to be modest about this one:  Jerkatorium won the "No Good Can Come of This" Song Fight, winning first place out of a total of eleven Songfighters and getting nearly double the vote count of any other competitor.  We won because we submitted a good, fun song.  We worked very hard on it.  Chumpy did great work on the vocals.  We were happy with the result, and I would have been surprised and disappointed if it hadn't placed in the top three.  Is it tacky to say that?

We are going to follow up our win with a potentially disastrous fiasco of a live performance at Song Fight Live 2015 on this coming Saturday, August 15 at 9pm at Mississippi Pizza at 3552 N Mississippi Ave in Portland, Oregon.  I will be playing this accordion:

I do not actually know how to play the accordion.  I have never played accordion in any live performance.  I'm more of a guitar/bass guy, but Chumpy got dibs on the guitar and I couldn't come up with a second guitar line that would complement his guitar playing, so I'm stuck wrestling with this weird contraption.  It is slightly out of tune, which cannot be corrected without some serious surgical attention (and that isn't going to happen before the show).  It is only a 12-bass accordion, so I have to compensate by playing some of the chords on the keyboard part instead of the bass buttons, and I'm just going to ignore some of the other chords.  In terms of ease of use, it is like playing a musical Rubik's cube with a bellows attached.  Still hoping to rock it; I have a few days of nonstop practicing to get it just right.

Hope to see some of you at the show.