Saturday, May 2, 2015

"Unsubscribe" Song Fight up, and Deep Sub-Reddit vote count posted

The "Deep Sub-Reddit" Song Fight is over and the vote count has been posted.  Jerkatorium did very well with a third-place finish out of eleven entries.  As noted earlier, it is Jerkatorium's best song to date and the vote count clearly reflects that, and it's all thanks to Chumpy.  I still catch myself humming Chumpy's earwormy Deep Sub-Reddit melodies throughout the day.

Jerkatorium also has an entry for the "Unsubscribe" SongFight, and those songs were just recently posted at  As always, please give it a listen, and please vote if you like it.  We used more actual instruments than usual; the only 'software instruments' are the drums and organ tracks.

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