Tuesday, May 26, 2015

"Hope You're Having A Nice Time In Jamaica" song and "Watching the Riot" vote count posted at Song Fight

By some miracle Jerkatorium won 3rd place (out of 11 entries) in the "Watching the Riot" Song Fight, with a total of 8 votes.  Stranger still, we were just one vote short of matching the vote count of the two winners who tied with 9 votes each.  It's a big surprise, considering how last-minute our entry was - after four or more uninspiring drafts, Chumpy came up with the punk version the day prior to the due date with no intention of making it our entry, and it came together within the span of the few hours we had to work on it before the deadline.

"Hope You're Having A Nice Time In Jamaica" is the current fight, please give it a listen and a vote at  It's a somewhat similar story as the story above for "Watching the Riot":  Chumpy and I were working on various different approaches and we were juggling at least four different drafts before abandoning everything and doing the song that we submitted.  We worked on it literally up to the last minute prior to deadline, so it didn't get the sort of engineering/tweaking that we would have liked to have done.  I also would have preferred to add an accordion track, some more vocal harmonies, and I don't know what all else.  But I think it's a strong entry, with excellent vocal work by Chumpy.

I was too busy working on this month's Commuter Challenge to do cover art for the Jamaica fight.  The next Song Fight title is "It's Not Over", I'll let you know if Jerkatorium submits art and/or music for that one.

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