Sunday, April 26, 2015

Deep Sub-Reddit Song Fight song posted

This post is a little overdue:  the "Deep Sub-Reddit" songs have been posted at Song Fight, including Jerkatorium's entry.  Check it out at, and if you like it then please vote for it.  Again, you don't need to register or anything - I think the only condition is that you have to vote for at least two songs.  It's a good group this time around, and well worth a listen.  If you are a fan of MC Frontalot and know his song "Yellow Lasers", then you might get a real kick out of Abjure's entry this week too.

The next Song Fight title is "Unsubscribe", and Chumpy and I are working on a song for that one too.  The due date is coming up pretty soon and I have conflicting work travel, so I should be on GarageBand right now instead of updating this blog.

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