Saturday, April 18, 2015

CoverFight: Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode

Okay it's been a while, but it's been busy and there are things to show for it.

First off, the Depeche Mode CoverFight songs have been posted at:

I think Jerkatorium's entry for "Enjoy the Silence" turned out pretty good.  Other than the guitar and vocal parts, it is entirely composed of computer instruments and loops.  Best of all, I didn't sing on it. Okay I sang the backing vocals, but the lead vocal talent is Chumpy.  

As I understand it, the CoverFight is not really a "fight".  There is no voting or anything, just listening and enjoying, and (for the SongFight participants anyway) harshing each other on the boards.

In other news, this morning Jerkatorium submitted an entry for the "Deep Sub-Reddit" SongFight.  The songs for that Fight won't be posted for at least another few days, and I'll let you know when that happens.  99% of the Deep Sub-Reddit submission was by Chumpy; all I did were a couple syllables of backing vocals, a little bit of computer instrument work, and some level adjustments.  I do not say that to distance myself from the song, but rather to give credit where credit is due.  Deep Sub-Reddit is Jerkatorium's best entry to date, and it's mostly Chumpy.

I submitted art for that Fight.  I'm not sure if they're going to use it or not, but here it is:

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  1. Ryan is too modest. The synth instrumentation he created for the song really help make it sound fun and poppy. He also wrote the bridge, which is my favorite part of the song, and contributed a great guitar solo.

    Here is where I have to take umbrage with him tough. Grim Reality is the best Jerkatorium song ever. You could have shown me the lyrics and told me that it was an unreleased Elliott Smith song and I would have believed you. I've listened to this over and over again this morning; it makes me happy.

    a killing frost / a fallen star / and there you are
    my grim reality

    a whiff of smoke / a silent sneer / then you appear
    my grim reality