Sunday, March 15, 2015

Lost Weekend results in, Fever Dream art too late.

In Song Fight, my submission for the "Lost Weekend" title got 18 votes, and I'm pretty happy about that.  Things are heading in the right direction:  Grim Reality got 3 votes (a 3-way tie for 10th place out of 16 entries), Three Stars got 7 votes (9th place out of 15 entries), and Lost Weekend got 18 votes (5th place out of 11 entries).  If I continue to improve at that rate, and if I keep submitting at least once per month, my December 2015 Song Fight entry should get over thirty thousand votes (which will still only be 812th place out of 1439 entries).  I might need to re-check my math on some of that.

The Song Fight after Lost Weekend was "Fever Dream", and I did not submit a song to that fight.  I was going to submit art, but in the couple of hours between the time I started the drawing and the time I sat down to email it in, they had already posted the Fever Dream songs and someone else's art.  I've learned my lesson about submitting early.  Here is what I was going to submit:

Another exercise in crosshatching, it is my freehand attempt at re-creating one of Henry Fuseli's Nightmare paintings.  Actually it's not completely freehand: I did the "FEVER DREAM" text in the upper left-hand corner white by printing it out on the drawing paper in very very light grey and then just not crosshatching over that section, and then I decided that technique was too much hassle to repeat for the "SONG FIGHT" text at the bottom so I just added that text in MS Paint after the fact.

If I'm keeping to my goal of submitting to Song Fight at least monthly, then I should really turn something in for the next Fight, entitled "So Much Universe".  I will post information about that here if I get it completed in time.

In addition to (or maybe 'instead of', if I run out of time) the "So Much Universe" Song Fight, I have committed myself to submitting to a Depeche Mode sidefight/coverfight.  I will keep you posted on that too.

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