Tuesday, March 3, 2015

"Lost Weekend" Song Fight Entry Posted at

Long time no post.  No real excuse this time, except that I saw no reason to post before I had anything new to report.

As noted earlier, the Long-Form Commuter Challenge ended up being a bit of a bust except that it got me making music, and it taught me a lot about my own abilities and limitations.  It was also the kick I needed to get me submitting to  My goal is to submit entries for at least one Song Fight song per month.

The title for the Feb 10-20 Song Fight was "Lost Weekend", and I went ahead and submitted a song for it.  They just posted the songs tonight, and you can check them out at .  If you listen to my song (band name Jerkatorium) and like it, please vote for it - again, you don't need to register or anything, just click the boxes next to any/all of the songs you enjoyed and then click the vote button.

After composing the instrumental parts of "Lost Weekend" I was extremely happy with the sound of it, but then I had to add my own sub-par vocals.  Still, I think it's my best effort to date.  Breadbox provided the main ideas for the Lost Weekend lyrics (he suggested the '99 bottles of beer' reference, the 'bottle top/glottal stop' rhyme, and the weekend/weakened wordplay), and I wouldn't have been able to complete the song without his inspiration.  He is, of course, in no way to blame for my vocals.  I just need to find a regular collaborator to sing for me.  Given my compose-as-you-go Song Fight songwriting modus operandi, any such collaboration might be nearly impossible.  It's certainly something for me to think about some more.

Also, last week the folks at sent out a general call for art for the Lost Weekend fight (anyone can submit art for the individual upcoming Song Fights within their guidelines), because I guess no one had supplied any yet.  I rushed out this drawing (with some color and headers added), but they didn't use it:

It is essentially an exercise in crosshatching.  It's my freehand stab at Peter Weller's pose after injecting bug powder into is foot in the movie Naked Lunch:

It could be that they didn't choose my drawing because with the size reduction plus the added color and headers it ended up looking like this:

The final image has to be 150x150 pixels, so a lot of the crosshatching gets lost in the lower-res mush.  Also I probably shouldn't have bothered with the color.

One more item of note:  The March 2015 Commuter Challenge will be to compose and perform an original song in the style of blues, gospel, or field holler.  I will probably try for a twofer, something that will fit both the Song Fight title (maybe the just-announced "Fever Dream" Song Fight, due March 13) and the Commuter Challenge requirement.  But we'll see how that goes.

Anyway, I'll continue to update this blog whenever I have something new, so you can expect around one entry per month to announce each Song Fight entry, and maybe some other entries if I ever get those EP songs improved enough to share.

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