Monday, August 31, 2015

Song Fight Live pics and "Don't Come Here To Live"

Just wanted to leave a quick update - here are those pics of Jerkatorium live in concert that you've all been clamoring for:

That last photo is a pic of us performing the Song Fight Live Fight song "Don't Come Here To Live". We did not win the Song Fight Live Fight (that win went to anti-m, who absolutely deserved to win it with her excellent performance of her beautiful song), but our entry is still up for votes at, you can listen to it there.  Please note that there is a Parental Advisory for explicit lyrics on that song - it contains some gratuitous profanity.

We are still working on a submission for the next Song Fight title "Deteriorate", and it's coming along very well.  I will enter another update here when those songs are posted on the Song Fight website.

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