Sunday, December 14, 2014

"Grim Reality" SongFight songs posted

They've posted the songs for the "Grim Reality" SongFight at .  I listened to my submission again and I think the assessment in my previous post is still accurate.  By the time of the deadline, it came down to the choice of submitting it to SongFight it as-is or not submitting it at all.  Even though I'm not perfectly happy with the recording I think that I made the right decision to submit what I had.  If nothing else, then at least the SongFight part of the Commuter Challenge has been completed.

As I'd mentioned before, if you want to vote you can visit, listen to the songs and click the ones you like.  Voting doesn't involve registering or sitting through ads or paying for anything.  The site moderators ('Fightmasters') urge people to vote for all of the songs they like instead of just one song.  I ended up voting for a bunch of them, and I think Inflatable Vegetables and The Worldly Self-Assurance have particularly strong entries this week.

As for the EP cover art:  I found what I believe will be the painting that I will try to Wayne White-ize, unless I run out of time and end up just phoning something in:

Got this number for $8 at a thrift store.  It appealed to me because it was cheap, it's big (image size around 23" x 17"), and it features a fair amount of water so I can play with the reflections of the letters. The drawbacks are that the original image is a watercolor (and I'll necessarily be altering it with oil paint, acrylic paint, or watercolor on either white acrylic paint or pasted-on paper additions), the image is a little sun-faded, and of course I might not have the painting skills to pull it off convincingly in the first place.

If for no other reason than to continue to provide pics for this blog, I will post in-progress photo updates of the cover art attempt.

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