Saturday, December 27, 2014

Four Days to Finish, and SongFight Votes Posted

Only four days to go, and there's still plenty to do.

I have a pretty good plan for song #4 - the next SongFight title was posted yesterday ("Three Stars"), and since I didn't have any other ideas I just started riffing on that.  I already have most of the instrumental tracks recorded, and I have a plan for the vocals.  I still need to do the vocals on demo #2, and I'll clean up the Grim Reality vocal tracks afterwards if I have time.

The polls are closed on the Grim Reality SongFight, the votes were tallied, and I got 3 votes.  That means that the regular SongFighters/voters didn't like the song, few if any of the readers of this blog (which boasts a readership in the mid-single-digits) voted for the song, and less than half of my immediate family (or maybe none of them) voted for the song.  Some important points:
1) the song didn't deserve votes because at best it was a rough recording with bad vocals,
2) there are no prizes and no accolades for SongFight winners so there was nothing at stake, and
3) I made submitting to SongFight a requirement of the Commuter Challenge for reasons unrelated to vote count (it was more about deadlines and participation), so the vote count should be irrelevant to me.

But since the count was so very very low, it sorta isn't irrelevant.  That SongFight vote count is my only empirical gauge of interest and encouragement.  I have always been acutely aware of the fact that my vocal skills are nil, but the poor showing also suggests that I am on the wrong track in terms of both content and execution.  My motivation for taking on this Commuter Challenge, and for making music at all, is ostensibly unrelated to the reception the music gets, but if that is actually true then why am I keeping this blog?  I need to re-think my motives and my goals.

As I'd suspected might happen, I'm going to have to "phone in" the CD cover art aspect of the challenge due to the time constraints.  My attempts to channel Wayne White will have to wait.  Better yet, maybe I should try to come up with an original idea instead of trying to borrow Mr. White's style.

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