Thursday, April 27, 2017

Two New Jerkatorium Songs: "Fingers Crossed" and "After You"

As I'd mentioned in the last two posts, Jerkatorium is competing in Nur Ein this year.  Much like Song Fight, Nur Ein assigns a title for all competitors.  Nur Ein goes a couple of extra steps by imposing an extra non-optional challenge or constraint on each assignment, and by having a 7-day deadline (which is tougher than Song Fight's 10-day deadline).  Another difference is that Song Fight competitors win if they get the most votes from the public, while Nur Ein is an elimination competition decided by a pre-selected panel of 5 judges.

So far we have done pretty well.  Our first entry was in a 4-way tie for 8th place (out of 20 bands) for the "Fingers Crossed" title, which had the added requirement of including some backwards singing or instrumentation in the song.  We did even better with our third-place showing for the "After You" title, which had the added requirement of a countermelody.

All of our Nur Ein submissions can be heard (and downloaded for free) at this link:

A new Jerkatorium song will pop up there every week until we get eliminated.

Oh yeah, and take a look at what I found on YouTube:

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