Monday, October 17, 2016

New song "Crustacean Stretch Receptor"! And Jerkatorium won the "Super Creepy" Song Fight!

Holy moly it has been a month already and somehow I forgot to mention the song we completed in mid-September:  Crustacean Stretch Receptor.  It is not a Song Fight entry.  Instead it was born of an inspiration Chumpy had, which is sort of peripherally related to a previous "Side Fight" (but never meant for submission to a Song Fight or Side Fight).  Chumpy wrote most of the song last year, and we would tinker with it a little here and there every few months between Song Fights.  Last month we decided to put the final touches on it and send it out into the world for your enjoyment.  I'm wild about it.  You can hear it here:

Jerkatorium won the "Super Creepy" Song Fight with 19 votes (5 more votes than our nearest competitor).  I am very happy with this win because it was a strong fight, and I enjoyed most of our competitors' song submissions.  If you haven't already heard them you can check out all of the creeptastic entries at:

And I know I shouldn't really care about this, but I'm also happy about this win because we hadn't won a Song Fight since the "Baked Out Of My Gourd" fight in April.  It seems like an extra-long time and a lot of work since that April victory, but it probably only felt that way because we've generated so many non-competition, non-Fight songs in the interim (Real Reel To Reel, Trash Panda, Bedsheet Ghosts, Crustacean Stretch Receptor, and our cover version of Raised By Wolves's song "It's Invisible") in addition to the three non-winning Song Fight entries since then (Change Is Coming, Good Luck Charm, and Turn Off Your TV).

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