Wednesday, November 4, 2015

"Day of the Dead" Jerkatorium song posted at

A quick note/update:  Jerkatorium came in second place out of 13 entries for the "The Rat Brain" Song Fight, which was a big surprise - I really thought we had no chance against Tuners Union, Here Atticus, Nick Soma, Slickitude, and maybe some of the others that had really strong entries.  I mean I'm happy that we did well, but I really thought some of those other songs were better.  The submission by The John Benjamin Band certainly did deserve to win.

The songs for the "Day of the Dead" are posted at, including Jerkatorium's entry.  Song Fight mainstay Niveous wrote lyrics for a dozen or so of the 18 songs in the fight, including the lyrics for the Jerkatorium song.  We ended up making several changes to the lyrics he sent us, but all of the ideas and much of the content of his lyrics were preserved.  Anyhow, give it a listen and vote for it (and for the other Song Fight songs you enjoy) if you like our effort. 

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