Friday, July 31, 2015

No Good Can Come of This (the song), & Jerkatorium World Tour date confirmed

Jerkatorium did okay in the previous Song Fight for the title "No Rush", winning 18 votes and sharing third place with two other entries (out of a total of 15 submissions).  I don't mind losing that Fight to Cookie Blue, they did a great song.

Our newest song is currently posted and up for votes at, please go there to listen to our submission for "No Good Can Come of This".  If you like it, please vote for it.  As always, you don't register or pay for anything to listen and vote (there is literally nothing to pay for or buy at the website anyway), you just listen and then vote by clicking the little box next to whichever songs you like.

I am very happy with our submission for "No Good Can Come of This".  It's a good, fun song, and the lyrics to it happen to be related to my next announcement:

It's official, Jerkatorium will be doing our first live show ever at Song Fight Live 2015 on Saturday, August 15 at 9pm at Mississippi Pizza at 3552 N Mississippi Ave in Portland, Oregon.  We'll be the sixth band on the roster that night, and we expect it to be a short set (probably no longer than 15 minutes).  I anticipate a 10 minute set followed by a 10 minute standing ovation.  Ha.

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